Lever Learning PLC is a Human Resource Development company, member of the SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES group of companies, and a subsidiary of LEVER DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS S.A.

It was founded in 2012 with the aim of providing services in the areas of Staff Screening and Assessment, Human Resource Training, as well as Organizational Consulting in the Private and Public Sectors.

Its associates’ many years of experience in the organization of businesses allows Lever Learning to plan and implement—in collaboration with international agencies—integrated restructuring and development solutions. These solutions are adapted to the individual needs of each organization, the main feature being practical orientation.

The two companies, LEVER DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS S.A. and Lever Learning undertake to ensure an increase in efficiency through the systems, resources and human resources of each company.

Why us?

Experience: Our people specialize in their fields and have experience in real market conditions.

Know-how: We apply tools and unique systems developed by top organizations with global experience.

Services: We provide services that can be adapted to fully meet the needs of your organization. We offer support, empowerment, and on-the-job coaching.

Quality: The selection of our associates based on strict criteria, coupled with their continuous lifelong learning, guarantee the high quality of the services we provide. We also apply constant growth and improvement systems with effective/relevant measurements through learning tools.

Personal Data Security: The underlying principle of our company is that all client projects must be kept confidential and their files must be protected.

Guarantee: Continuous monitoring of the effectiveness of the intervention across all staff levels.

Professionalism: We build long-term relationships of trust with our customers.

Cost: We are committed to high performance standards and guarantee a high quality of services at competitive prices.

Competitive advantages:

  • We visit the site before and after the implementation of our systems.
  • We apply intermediate procedure systems at all levels of the business.
  • We identify low growth cases.
  • We speed up targeted results.

…because we do not simply train.


To transfer all the accumulated experience of our specialized associates to the everyday operations of each company, by providing and implementing consulting services for the achievement of growth and higher efficiency, and passing down all those necessary and applied tools for the assessment, training and management of world leaders in the field. Our goal is to provide a holistic solution by transforming business strategy into results.

Educational Events 2016-2017

June 2017
Content: Municipality of Odessa Ukraine, What a great team for «Purposeful Teams» intervation from Worlds View Academy.


December 2016
Event: Training of top level executives of Banca Intesa Beograd, Belgrade.
Content: One day workshop on teamwork and collaboration using the Reciprocity Ring Tool.

November 2016
Event: Sales seminar for the salespeople of Mentekidis S.A., Thessaloniki
Content: Three days workshop on sales effectiveness using the Value Selling Framework of Value Selling Associates.


November 2016
Event: Review – coaching of salespeople Alumil Romania, Bucharest

October 2016
Event: Formula 1 in Schools – World Final in Austin, TX.
Content: Infinite Racing team (sponsored and coached by Lever Learning) won the world championship.


October 2016
Event: Sales seminar for the salespeople of Eleftheriou S.A., Thessaloniki
Content: Three days workshop on sales effectiveness using the Value Selling Framework of Value Selling Associates.

September 2016
Event: Seminar on Sales and Leadership – PAKOMAK DOOEL
Content: One day seminar on Sales and Leadership for executives in FYROM, Skopje.

September 2016
Event: New Bobath Seminar
Content: Starting of the new circle of part-time neuro-developmental Bobath seminar in Thessaloniki.


June 2016
Event: Johannesburg – Worlds View Academy training visit
Content: Training visit and contractual agreement with Worlds View Academy for the promotion of their executive trainings in the Balkans.


June 2016
Event: Salespeople training Alumil, Belgrade
Content: Four days training on sales techniques for all sales people based in former Yugoslavia.

April 2016
Event: Program finalization of Start all, Bucharest
Content: Completion of educational program for unemployed people in Bucharest in cooperation with Alumil Romania.


March 2016
Event: Sales Seminar Alumil, Thessaloniki
Content: Successful completion of a two days seminar on sales of the sales executive team of all international units of Alumil

March 2016
Event: Bobath Graduation Seminar
Content: Successful completion of the part time program on neuro-developmental training of Bobath Basic

February 2016
Event: Training Framework Value Selling SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES



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