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Staff Screening & Assessment

Lever Learning collaborates with Profiles International in the screening and assessment of employees. Profiles International is based in the United States of America and is a multinational leader in the selection, assessment and development of high-performance human resources.

Profiles International offers a complete range of assessment and efficiency management tools, which contribute to the creation of efficient employee groups and are intended for private- and public-sector organizations.

Its presence spans 122 countries, guaranteeing competitive advantages for its clients as it helps them gain an in-depth understanding of their people through the use of assessment tools that reveal traits, behaviors, preferences and attitudes towards significant issues concerning the work environment.

Through the use of Profiles International tools, our clients always manage to place the right people in the right positions, thus allowing them to take full advantage of all their abilities.

For all the above reasons, Lever Learning has the capacity to:

Provide in-depth knowledge of the abilities of your people. Its tools are guaranteed to provide you with well-documented, objective, spherical and reliable information on your people, as well as far more comprehensive conclusions drawn from formal interviews, performance reports or everyday discussions. More specifically, its assessments reveal the following:

  • thinking style
  • inherent tendencies, behaviors and preferences
  • interaction with third parties, team members and managers
  • attitudes towards significant issues

Ensure benefits for its customers by:

  • placing the right people in the right positions
  • improving efficiency and harmonious relations in the workplace
  • creating a single culture and common values throughout the organization
  • improving communication and relations between staff and executives

Create value for its clients by:

  • maximizing the contribution of all people within the organization
  • reducing the staff departure and absence rates
  • reducing the risk of abusive practices
  • ensuring more effective and appropriate planning
  • reducing conflicts in the workplace and improving satisfaction


The Profile XT ‘job matching‘ function is unique in that it allows you to assess each employee based on the qualities


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Profile Sales Assessment

The PSA ‘job matching’ function is unique in that it allows you to assess each employee based on the characteristics required in the sales department.



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