Staff Training

After conducting a global survey, Lever Learning formed a collaboration with top Staff Training organizations that specialize in specific issues that are of interest to your business, such as sales, teams and leadership. The systems/tools it provides are intended for staff across all levels of your business, and they contribute to the development of their skills and the improvement of the company’s efficiency.

In the training of sales staff, Lever Learning implements the systems developed by ValueSelling Associates, the creator of the ValueSelling Framework®. This sales methodology has been applied by thousands of sales executives around the globe, leading them to increase the productivity of their sales. For five years in a row, ValueSelling Associates has ranked among the Top 20 Sales Training Companies and provides customized training to FORTUNE 1000 companies, and also to small- and medium-sized enterprises. Since 1991, ValueSelling Associates has been applying the entire set of tools, which have been developed by the company itself and are known to bring quantifiable results. Lever Learning is a certified associate of the company, and provides training through the use of a series of training seminars, workshops and e-learning programs.

In the area of leadership development, Lever Learning collaborates with WorldsView ™ Academy, a company that helps organizations translate their business issues and needs into strategies that make direct business sense. What sets WorldsView ™ Academy apart is that it supports companies internally in the creation of effective working teams based on team spirit and cooperation, and guides them so that they may take into account the factors of encouragement and team dynamics. Lever Learning is an accredited partner and undertakes—with the use of tools and games—to train your company’s staff in the proper application of leadership behaviors and the effective management of their skills.

Increasing Sales Effectiveness

ValueSelling Associates trains sales professionals around the globe, arming them with the ability to make value-based sales.


Leadership Development

WorldsView Academy helps organizations translate their business issues and needs into strategies that make direct business sense.


Customer Experience Management

A customer’s experiential experience is what strongly distinguishes a service in the long term.


Preparing a Marketing Plan

Lever Learning undertakes to train your business’ staff in finding the optimal solution for organizing the data on your current situation, the opportunities you have, as well as your objectives and resources.



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