Purposeful Teams

Purposeful teams begins with a powerful and participative two-day intervention in which the team’s challenges, dynamics and dysfunctions are contextually addressed and strategy, actions and roles are clarified, effectively activating and energizing team members towards the fulfillment of their purpose. Two half-day sessions follow at monthly intervals to endure sustainability and empower the team to self-correct and stay on track. Teams report a fundamental shift in engagement, clarity and communication as well as renewed commitment and cohesion.

The Purposeful teams interventions fuses organizational development and traditional training in a workshop format. It delivers team effectiveness by supporting the team in anchoring its purpose, identifying milestones as well as integrating task, relationship and process in a conversation-based process that creates strong, committed teams and team members.

The introduction of the Purposeful Teams intervention to an organization offers benefits that impact the individual, teams and the organization.

Business benefits of the Purposeful Teams intervention:

  • Being a member of a team becomes a desirable work-form in the organization.

  • Members of purposeful teams are high-performing and effective and they deliver rapid results for the organization.

  • Members of purposeful teams implement appropriate execution strategies and action plans to deliver strategic objectives.

  • The Purposeful Teams intervention addresses potentially derailing team processes and relationship issues.

Learning outcomes for individuals in the Purposeful Teams intervention:

  • Team members embrace alignment to purpose as a driver of performance

  • Team members renew their focus on important organizational objectives and achieve clarity of purpose

  • Team members identify and work towards key milestones to achieve their purpose

  • Team members engage in meaningful conversations and create action plans to accelerate their effectiveness.

  • Individual and team commitments are forms and put into action.


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