Communication Techniques (E-learning Essentials Serie)

Communication Techniques is a category of the e-learning programs consisting of 4 courses that include simulations, case studies and real sales situations, which are accessible from any computer at any time for some quick retraining.

The skills of communication, negotiation and persuasion, as well as the ability to build good interpersonal relations all together form the most crucial part of every business, as it helps increase sales. Through the e-learning courses, employees will learn to better develop their communication skills, both as listeners and as speakers, and improve their sense of communication. Furthermore, they will be able to understand the mechanisms of communication, examine its patterns of application and improve its decoding.

PDF Interpersonal Communications Flyer

Persuasive Presentations

Whether you are presenting to an individual decision maker across the desk or a group of decision makers in a room, face-to- face presentations have the potential for enormous impact on your sales goals. Through successful presentations, you will strengthen your interpersonal relationships, create value for your products and services and advance the sales process.

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Telephone Effectiveness

Throughout your sales career you will probably spend more time on the telephone than with any other sales communication medium. Whether prospecting, qualifying those prospects, following- up on meetings, closing a deal, building relationships, or servicing clients, your effectiveness on the phone is essential to your sales success. And that isn’t likely to change anytime soon. For even as other communication channels proliferate in the business world, none are likely to offer the impact and value ,along with time and cost efficiency of the telephone.

PDF Prospecting & Qualifying Flyer

Sales Writing

Today’s selling environment has become so crowded that it’s necessary to work harder and smarter to get your sales message through to your customers and prospects .While telephone and face-to-face presentations are effective ways to communicate ,nothing beats a well-written ,strategically –timed letter ,fax or email to keep your messages in front of your customers. The keys to successful presentations are; making sure the content matches the audience’s needs , organizing the information clearly and delivering your message with impact. The tactics in this course will make you and your presentations both memorable and successful.

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Interpersonal Communication

Great salespeople are more than experts in their products or their customer’s business, they’re expert relationship builders, in fact, behind every successful sale is a successful relationship between salesperson and customer. Whether it is on the phone across the desk, through e-mail or regular mail, your ability to create relationships is essential .People buy from people! Nothing creates a more solid foundation for the sale than a positive, productive relationship between you and your customer.

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