Skills for Dealing with Customers

Skills for Dealing with Customers is a category of the e-learning programs consisting of 4 courses that include simulations, case studies and real sales situations, which are accessible from any computer at any time for some quick retraining.

The development of skills for effectively managing and dealing with customers on the part of business executives and employees is crucial and should not be left to chance. Customers are becoming all the more demanding these days, which makes negotiating with them and ensuring their loyalty and commitment a difficult task. Through the below e-learning courses, employees will receive training on the right way to deal with customers who are of vital importance to the business, as the profitability of the business depends on these customers.

Customer Retention

Behind every customer acquisition strategy is a customer retention strategy, since getting customers that are lost later on is a waste of time, money and effort for all involved. Given that it takes far more time, costs far more money, and takes far more effort to get a customer than to keep one, having a customer retention strategy makes good business sense.


In virtually every sales process, there will be a point at which the salesperson and the customer discuss a deal. Typically initiated with a proposal, the quality of this “ give and take” process has enormous implications in keeping the deal on the table, creating a profitable transaction and preserving a successful long-term relationship. In this course you are taught the principles, tips and techniques for planning and executing the negotiations that are sure to surround their proposals.

Prospecting & Qualifying

One of the most important skills a salesperson can possess in today’s competitive, and demanding market place, is the ability to develop a constant flow of new business. Whether you are managing a single account, trying to expand and grow a current customer relationship, or are responsible for new business generation, you need to be able to identify, qualify and cultivate sources of new business. The key is knowing where, and how to focus your efforts, so the time and energy you invest in prospecting pays off.

Selling to Executives

The top management of every organization includes executives with unlimited influence, authority and resources .It requires special skills to get to these people, engage them in productive dialogue, and sell them on your products and services. The tactics presented in this program will help you get the attention and earn the respect and credibility of senior executives ,tie your capabilities to your customer’s biggest issues, create interest and buy-in for your ideas, and approach senior executives with confidence.


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