Skills for Increasing Productivity (E-learning Essentials Serie)

Skills for Increasing Productivity is a category of the e-learning programs consisting of 2 courses that include simulations, case studies and real sales situations, which are accessible from any computer at any time for some quick retraining.

The daily scheduling of actions and good time management are extremely effective in the workplace as they prevent employees from wasting time on worthless actions. Furthermore, group sales have greater strength and force in terms of bringing immediate results for the business. Therefore, through the e-learning courses, employees will understand that time is a resource for the business and that coordination between the people in the sales division will result in higher profits.

Team Selling

As competition increases, and prospects and customers expect more from their vendors, one way for you to achieve a competitive advantage is to draw upon resources within your company. Many people in your organization have something to offer, and as a team seller your challenge is to identify those individuals and leverage their strengths on behalf of your prospects and customers performance. By leveraging the expertise of your colleagues you will add power and impact to your selling efforts.

Time & Productivity Management

Time is a resource. It is the scarcest resource that sales professionals have. The key to successful time management is understanding where and how your time should be invested. Sales executives who treat their time as a resource to be invested will outperform sales executives that waste time on low-value activities. The key to time management is having strategy and also making conscious decisions on your time and where to invest it.


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