The ValueSelling Framework® (workshops)

The Framework is a set of principles and tools for supporting the process of developing the value of a product from the perspective of the customer. It is based on an advanced formula for identifying prospects and serves as a proposal for the development of value-based sales skills. At the same time, it is a dynamic, multifaceted process for assessing the opportunities you are working on. This simple Qualified Prospect Formula is the foundation of the Value Selling framework and a proven formula for accelerating sales results.

If any of the four elements is underdeveloped or missing, there is a risk that the customer won’t make the purchase. The formula indicates the least amount of risk possible if your prospect is indeed qualified. The most successful sales representatives are those who can confirm and provide all the components of the formula.


  • Leveraging of basic sales qualifications
  • Creation of a recurrent procedure for the improvement of sales
  • Understanding of customer incentives
  • More effective questions and closer relationships
  • Closing of more sales

The Framework includes a 14-week program that presents 3-4 minute videos of relevant tools and occupational aids, which cover the basics of the Value Selling Framework training. The titles of the courses offered during these weeks are the following:

Week 1: Working the Opportunity Assessment Tool

Week 2: Preparing for a Sales Call Using the ValuePrompter

Week 3: Identifying Business Issues

Week 4: The Value of the Mutual Plan Letter

Week 5: Becoming a Problem Expert

Week 6: Advance the Sale with Solutions

Week 7: Create Value for Differentiation

Week 8: Uncovering Personal Value

Week 9: How to Create Business Value

Week 10: Identifying Power

Week 11: Gaining Access to Power

Week 12: Creating a Mutual Plan

Week 13: Using Anxiety Questions

Week 14: Reinforcing the Qualified Prospect Formula


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