Preparing a Marketing Plan

Lever Learning undertakes to train your business’ staff in finding the optimal solution for organizing the data on your current situation, the opportunities you have, as well as your objectives and resources. By putting together this knowledge, they will be in a position to prepare a complete marketing plan.

A marketing plan represents the marketing strategy that a business or organization is to follow, as well as details on the marketing programs and practices that are to be applied. It is usually prepared on an annual basis and includes available and possible options, both at the strategic and operational level. Lever Learning provides training so that you may draw up an organized, inclusive, comprehensible, flexible and cohesive marketing plan that will allow you to provide useful and effective products/services. We also help you focus your attention on its constant adaptation to new data arising in the market and to the measurements carried out at regular intervals.

To Marketing plan contains:

Environmental Analysis, competition, market

Production, distribution networks (Branding, Rebranding)

Development Strategies

Plan, resources, time management

Communication Programs

Sales management

Through our training courses, you will be able to ensure a higher competitive position for your products/services, while at the same time ensuring the required profitability.


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