Consulting Services

Consulting is an interactive process between the consultant and consultee(s). Our company offers a broad range of specialized and customized consulting services that can be provided either collectively or individually, and are—in each case—designed according to the special needs and unique characteristics of your organization. It assists in the handling and/or solution of specific problems, in decision-making, in issues of self-development, crisis management and improvement of relationships with others.

By offering experience, reliability and consistency, we can stand by you as a dependable associate, regardless of the size of your business, and give you solutions that will take your business a step further. We visit the site before and after the implementation of our systems. We apply intermediate procedure systems / systems via procedures at all levels of the business and identify low growth cases as part of the process of providing our consulting services in order to achieve your desired objectives.

Business Process Re-engineering

Lever Learning provides consulting services for the full re-engineering of your business’ processes. Re-engineering involves the planning of business processes from the ground up so as to improve productivity


Creation of Internal Management Universities

Lever Learning provides consulting services on the Creation of Internal Management Universities. Internal Management Universities refer to the permanent internal training and development of organizations


Coaching - Mentoring

Coaching is a process by which a consultant helps a professional or an entire business take advantage of existing possibilities and overcome obstacles so as to bring remarkable changes


Observation of Student Teams

The Observation of Student Teams as a consulting process contributes substantially to the educational guidance of student teams in the preparation of portfolios.


Strategy Reconsidering

Strategy Reconsidering is the general course followed by an organization. An integrated approach to strategy reconsidering includes at least two axes: the current strategy…


Family Business Succession Planning

Family businesses are the prevailing form of business in this day and age. Lever Learning provides consulting services to family businesses so that they may successfully…



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