Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching is a process by which a consultant helps a professional or an entire business take advantage of existing possibilities and overcome obstacles so as to bring remarkable and sustainable changes to their professional and business activities. Coaching differs from mentoring in that the latter focuses on specific tasks or objectives, as opposed to focusing on general objectives or overall development.

Lever Learning undertakes to provide this consulting service. It helps you organize and manage your business’ operations in a better and more effective manner, and also helps improve your productivity.


  • Improvement of individual performance/productivity

  • Increase in the level of employees’ individual skills

  • Improvement of the organization’s yield

  • Increase in activation

  • Creation of a better work environment

Mentoring is a service implemented between our experienced associates and new professionals, and covers a specific area of expertise. It can be defined as a corporate relationship of learning and growth. Guidance, experience and the structure of the relationship affects the amount of psychosocial support, career guidance and role modeling.

Lever Learning undertakes to mentor your employees and challenges mentees to achieve their objectives in the specific field they have selected. This process requires joint effort and an honest, positive and constructive relationship between you and us so that your performance can improve through:

  • your encouragement and motivation
  • the experience of the mentor and, by extension, of the business
  • the development of skills and recognition of your potential
  • the achievement of specific and realistic short- and long-term objectives
  • the assimilation of knowledge and organization of your work
  • the assessment of your work


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