CheckPoint 360°™

A 360ο feedback survey for assessing the effectiveness of managers/team leaders.

  • It helps managers determine and prioritize their development opportunities.
  • It helps organizations plan more successful training and development initiatives.
  • It helps organizations to productively focus on the alignment of priorities of senior leadership and frontline staff.
  • It helps towards the development of more effective leadership and management, and improves employee morale and commitment to achieve better results.

Basic description

A 360ο feedback survey that offers managers/supervisors of all ranks the opportunity to gain self-knowledge of their leadership and management skills and to clearly identify their strengths and the areas they need to develop. Managers/supervisors assess themselves and compare the image they have of themselves to the image others (supervisor/team members, co-workers) have of them.

What it measures

Eight universal leadership and management skills broken down into 18 skill sets:

  • Leadership
    • Instills trust
    • Provides direction
    • Delegates responsibility
  • Adaptability
    • Adjusts to circumstances
    • Thinks creatively
  • Relationships
    • Builds personal relationships
    • Facilitates team success
  • Task Management
    • Works efficiently
    • Works competently
  • Production
    • Takes action
    • Achieves results
  • Development of Others
    • Cultivates individual talents
    • Motivates successfully
  • Personal Development
    • Displays commitment
    • Seeks improvement
  • Communication
    • Communicates effectively
    • Processes information
    • Listens to others


  • Improves the effectiveness of managers
  • Develops better communication and cooperation
  • Develops leadership
  • Builds relationships of trust and commitment
  • Improves the assignment of tasks and roles
  • Improves the motivation and morale of managers and their teams
  • Increases efficiency standards
  • Minimizes conflicts


  1. Individual Report: Detailed Feedback & Personal Development Plan
  2. Organizational Management Report: Analysis of leadership team’s potential, alignment of objectives, analysis of development and training needs


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