Profiles Sales Assessment™

The PSA ‘job matching‘ function is unique in that it allows you to assess each employee based on the characteristics required in order to ensure successful performance in a specific position in the sales department.

  • It provides the opportunity to create high performance job patterns for each sales job so that you may have a specific measure of comparison for your salespeople.
  • It provides a match percentage for every profile it screens and also overall.
  • It provides questions for structured interviews.
  • It offers proposals for effective coaching.
  • It offers the opportunity to compare with future jobs, thus allowing for the preparation of a Career Plan.
  • It provides information on effective succession planning.

Basic description

This is a 50-minute online assessment that provides in-depth knowledge of the thinking style and learning, behavioral traits and occupational interests/motives of a candidate or employee. It provides information on whether this candidate or employee has the ability to meet the requirements of a job with the utmost success. It can be used for placements, production, succession planning, coaching and self-improvement.

What it measures

  • Thinking Style: Learning Index, Verbal Skill, Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Ability, Numeric Reasoning
  • Behavioral Traits: Energy Level, Assertiveness, Sociability, Manageability, Positive Attitude, Decisiveness, Accommodating, Independence, Objective Judgment.
  • Occupational Interests: Enterprising, Financial/Administrative, People Service, Anthropocentric, Creative, Technical/Research and Mechanical


  • Better decision-making when it comes to hiring, promotion and management of human resources
  • Improves the efficiency of your people
  • Provides information on more focused development and training actions
  • Improves communication between managers and the members of their teams
  • Improves operational efficiency
  • Reduces conflicts in the workplace
  • Reduces the rate of voluntary resignations of valuable executives


  1. Individual Report
  2. Placement Report
  3. Multi-Job Match Report (Career/Succession/Planning)
  4. Multi-Candidate Match Report (Selection/Promotion)
  5. Coaching Report for managers, supervisors and trainers
  6. Job Analysis report
  7. Summary Report
  8. Sales Placement/Assessment Report
  9. Coaching Report for sales positions


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