Effective Hotel Operation

What is it all about

  • It’s a holistic approach of total solutions – services which all hotels shareholders want to have in order to increase their financial performance and profits.
  • We help companies to see and apply their Business strategy from a different point of view by developing powerful Value Propositions.
  • Our experts provide Consulting on
    Best practices and technology enablement in Operations, Marketing, Financing,
  • We provide Coaching for leaders to ensure they get the desired results, face the alignment of all hotel functions and help their people in achieving targets , goals and deliver results.
  • Helping hotel staff to handle and increase positively the customer experience.

  • Training the sales staff into B2B best practices methodologies in order to increase sales in every possible distribution channel, travel agents, public, unions etc.

We provide the Know how of

Profiles International, Solutions Employee Assessment Specialists . From 1991 more than 40,000,000 assessments, over 45,000 companies in 122 countries and 32 languages helps companies to evaluate their people and explore their potential for mutual benefits.

ValueSelling Associates provides a world class sales methodology, ValueSelling Framework®, which includes both transactional and strategic components of the sales process. Consistently recognised as one of the Top Ten sales methodologies globally.
or the sixth year in a row, is included as one of the Top 20 Sales Training Companies in the new 2016 list announced by TrainingIndustry.com.
Since 1991, it has helped thousands of sales professionals increase their sales productivity.

It offers customized training to FORTUNE 1000, mid-sized and start-up companies.
Its proprietary sales training tools and consulting services deliver measurable results.

WorldsView™ Academy is an Organization Development Centre of Excellence focused on the continuous professional development of Organizations and Human Resources.
Providing innovative consulting services enabling organizations to become more effective and helps them to translate business issues and needs into strategies that make direct business sense.

Our services:

1.Services prior to commencement of operations

  • Preparation of hotel operation specifications
    • Preparation of a general specification manual
    • Task lists of general managers and department managers
    • Job Descriptions
    • Specifications for the F&B manager, banquet manager, catering departments and other hotel management services
    • Specifications for the operation of departments and human resources
    • Operational procedures manual
  • Preparation and implementation of a destination marketing plan
    • Preparation of a marketing plan accompanied by an action plan
    • Macroeconomic environment
    • Logo, communications plan, website, printed material, social media to increase the hotel’s popularity and visibility
    • Target markets, distribution networks, commercial policy, competition
    • Sales

2. Operation Services

  • Consulting services in organization, administration and financial management
    • Creation, additions to and full utilization of the existing computerized information system, parameterization, drawing of realistic conclusions for decision-making
    • Taking advantage of the possibilities provided by the internet; booking system connected to the internet
    • Sales reporting tools / sales analytics tools.
    • Sales management and distribution network tools
    • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
    • GDS (Global Distribution Systems)
  • Preparation of a Revenue and Expense Budget, Sales Promotion Programs
    • Application of basic principles of yield management, maximization of revenues under conditions of high instability of demand, high intensity of price competition, use of marginal revenue and operational efficiency indexes
    • Sales forecasts; invoicing and commercial policy
    • Preparation of revenue and expense budgets, costing, audits, expense analysis, sales promotion program
  • Revenue – Yield Management
    • Increasing a hotel’s operational efficiency and profitability
    • Relies on the maximization of revenues under conditions of high instability of demand for hotel services provided by hotels with over 40 rooms
    • Criteria include booking capacity and the average selling price of a room. The management classifies and distinguishes sales by using various criteria such as those of marginal revenue per target market and average revenue per room.
    • The objective is to successfully combine price and product. Selling the right room at the right time to the right customer at the right price and for the right duration is the key to a hotel’s yield management.

3. Applied Marketing Services and Sales Promotion Programs

  • Applied Marketing Services and Sales Promotion Programs
    • Drafting and implementation of a complete marketing plan including market analysis and research, segmentation, competition and corporate strategy planning
    • Advertising, advertising material
    • Promotion, marketing and sales activities, participation in exhibitions
    • Fam trips, opinion leader promotion
    • Marketing campaigns targeting existing or potential clients through emails, SMS and phone calls, and direct observation of results
  • Internet and e-Hotel Marketing, Social Media Marketing
    • Preparation of an online strategy
    • Use of internet tools and social networks for tourism
    • Effective communication with travel agents, other businesses and sectoral associations, and basically with customers
    • Use of social media
    • Creation and management of our content
  • Efficiency Improvement Systems through Assessment and Development of Human Resources
    • PROFILES INTERNATIONAL assessment and development systems for human resources
    • Recruitment, assessment and training of staff
    • Improvement of people’s skills, observance of operation specifications and management of customer experience
  • Systems for the Improvement of Sales Efficiency, Customer Service and Teamwork
    • B2B Framework sales technique system by Value selling
    • Implementation of sales consulting. Verification of customer needs, successful presentation of services (cross-selling), management of complaints, objections, difficult situations and challenging customers, customer influencing factors, professional communication
    • “Customer Experience Management for the Hospitality Industry” system
    • The WorldsView™ Academy Leadership program for management executives and group dynamics.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
    • Conducting mystery customer research and discovering the customer satisfaction rate using special processes (questionnaires, communication by telephone, comment processing, internet, etc.)
    • The mystery customer is the most necessary and contemporary management tool, as it accurately records the relationship between the customer and business, and gives you a complete picture of how customers see the business in terms of the quality of the services and products it provides.
    • We use a specific questionnaire to assess every point and area of interest to your business, such as:
      • Rate of customer satisfaction and service;
      • Quality level of products/services;
      • Staff knowledge and performance;
      • Observance of company procedures;
      • Level of operation of facilities and equipment.


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