Sales Excellence Institute

What is it about

  • It’s a holistic approach of global solutions – services which all sales teams must have in order to increase their potential, efficiency and achieve their goals.

  • We help companies to see their sales strategy from a different point of view by developing powerful Value Propositions.

  • We implement sales management using all modern tools and applications.

  • Our experts provide Consulting on Sales best practices and technology enablement in sales and Coaching sales leaders to ensure they get the desired results and be comfortable with the alignment of the sales and marketing functions.

  • We develop senior sales people in leading sales.

  • We deliver ValueSelling training which is a proven process. Over the past 25 years, hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals have been through the ValueSelling training. And the results speak for themselves. Clients report significant improvements to the key metrics that most sales teams are measured by including revenue growth, shorter sales cycles, and larger deal sizes.

We provide the Knowhow of

Profiles International, Solutions Employee Assessment Specialists. From 1991 more than 40,000,000 assessments, over 45,000 companies in 122 countries and 32 languages helps companies to evaluate their people and explore their potential for mutual benefits.

ValueSelling Associates provides a world class sales methodology, ValueSelling Framework®, which includes both transactional and strategic components of the sales process. Consistently recognized as one of the Top Ten sales methodologies globally. For the sixth year in a row, is included as one of the Top 20 Sales Training Companies in the new 2016 list announced by

Since 1991, it has helped thousands of sales professionals increase their sales productivity.

It offers customized training to Fortune 1000, mid-sized and start-up companies. Its proprietary sales training tools and consulting services deliver measurable results.

WorldsView™ Academy is an Organization Development Centre of Excellence focused on the continuous professional development of Organizations and Human Resources. Providing innovative consulting services enabling organizations to become more effective and helps them to translate business issues and needs into strategies that make direct business sense.

Sales Management Solutions

  1. Sales Audit: A third party evaluation of sales operation in total performance.
  2. Sales Restructuring: Involves the radical redesign of sales processes and sales people reengineering in order to achieve dramatic improvements in productivity, cycle times and quality.
  3. Sales Procedures: Changing the old or introducing new sales procedures for better communication, organization, flow charts, job descriptions for an effective operation of sales department.
  4. Sales Marketing Support: Marketing activities, events, advertizing and communication, sales samples, promotion material in order to help sales to achieve their goals.
  5. Sales persons Recruiting-Evaluating: Job much-fit psychological assessments for sales clerks, interviews with particular questionnaires, cases simulation and role plays, creation of career paths.
  6. Sales Performance: Sales budgets, territory management, expenses budgets, quantitative and qualitative results, bonus systems.
  7. Sales Manual: An important tool for the sales people with all information about competition, products, commercial policies, company procedures.
    Also a matrix of company recourses ,products with technical characteristics, specifications, all in a benefit form which covers specific needs of a specific customers in different distribution channels
  8. Sales Metrics & Reporting: All kind of reporting, KPIs and measuring for sales management and operation, numerical ability skills.
  9. Sales Training: Practical, sustainable methodologies with applicable tools
  10. Sales Mentoring
  11. Coaching


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